Facts Over Fears: Lessons From Kelley’s Entrepreneurial Journey with JuliAnn Crommelin

In my most recent episode of The Private Practice Pro Podcast, I invited a very special guest, JuliAnn Crommelin MA, AAC, to help me tell the story of how I built my private practice and why I created Private Practice Pro. Starting and growing a private practice might be the most challenging mission you’ll ever accomplish in your career, so it’s important to have friends, mentors, and other therapists around you to support you through it. I couldn’t have built my private practice without JuliAnn’s support, encouragement, and advice. So, I wanted to bring her on to reflect on it all (and to share her best advice along the way). The hurdles I’ve jumped over, the fears I’ve faced, and the rewards I’ve received – we’re diving deep!

By the end of this episode, we think you’ll be ready to face your fears and break down your personal barriers to starting a private practice.

Let’s not forget: The beauty of private practice is that you get to decide your schedule, prioritize your values, and create the dream career you’ve always wanted. It just takes a bit of learning, getting out of your comfort zone, and believing in yourself. Remember, fear is not fact.

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