Are you ready to start the exciting journey of opening your own cash pay private practice?

This guide is your first step towards turning your dream into reality, simplifying the daunting process of starting from scratch and giving you the confidence you need to take that leap. Whether you're still contemplating or ready to dive in, this guide is packed with practical advice, cost-saving tips, and essential steps to ensure a smooth launch.

Unlock Your Private Practice Potential

This comprehensive guide is designed to take the guess work out of the start-up process, helping you navigate the initial stages with ease. From understanding the real costs involved to selecting the perfect office space, communication with clients, malpractice insurance and more, we've got you covered.

What You'll Discover:

  1. Realistic Start-Up Costs: Get a clear picture of what it really takes financially to get your practice off the ground, without any surprises.
  2. Office Selection Strategies: Learn how to choose the right office space that meets your needs and budget, whether it's virtual, shared, or solo.
  3. Essential First Steps: From securing malpractice insurance to setting up your business phone number, we outline the key actions to take before welcoming your first client.

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