Private Practice Roadmap

An online course with the tools, information, and resources you need to build a cash-pay private practice.

Are you looking to start your own private practice?

This step-by-step course includes everything you need to know to start your own cash-pay private practice from the ground up.

Topics We Cover:

Module 1:

Your Roadmap

A step-by-step plan for launching your private practice. This module is the foundation of your course, so be sure to watch it first.

Module 2:

The Foundation

All the basics you’ll need to get started, from transitioning out of your current job, to choosing what services you’ll offer, to selecting the right HIPAA-compliant tools for you.

Module 3:

The Nitty Gritty

Reviewing the vital details you’ll need, like NPI numbers, Tax IDs/EINs, business licenses, and business banking. Don’t skip this one!

Module 4:

The Structures

We’ll dig into tax considerations and how to select a business structure. Featuring a guest video from the CEO of Heard, my favorite accounting company.

Module 5:

The Financials

I’ll hold your hand through determining startup costs and your monthly expenses, saving for taxes, deciding on your fee structure, and articulating your out-of-network/cash pay status.

Module 6:

The Paperwork

There’s no shortage of paperwork in private practice, but don’t worry: we’ll cover everything you’ll need to get started on the right foot. 

Module 7:

The Back End

Learn why you need an Electronic Health Record (EHR), the EHR I recommend, and how to get started using it.

Module 8:

The First Call

You got your first consultation call! Learn how to convert this caller into a new client and how to navigate the business end of your first private session. 

Bonus Module:

A Little Extra

As a course member, you have access to my entire video archive. Browse whenever you need a little extra support!

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Everything You Need to Start a Successful Private Practice

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  • 11 Modules
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Meet Kelley Stevens

Creator of The Private Practice Roadmap

The Private Practice Pro | Kelley Stevens, LMFT

I teach therapists how to build a successful, cash-pay private practice. Opening a six-figure private practice shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why I equip my clients with simple strategies and step-by-step guides.

I am an LMFT in Santa Barbara, CA with over a decade of experience in mental health and business development. I began my career as the marketing director of a large outpatient program in Los Angeles. After helping that business grow, I opened my own six figure private practice.

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls… so after five years in private practice, I moved and opened two more successful practices in new cities! I’m also an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and Antioch University.

Now, I call Santa Barbara home. In my off time, I love playing with my toddler and spending time with my husband.

Education: Carleton College and Pepperdine University

Teaching Experience: Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University + Antioch University

Licensing: LMFT in California

Featured In:


Yes. You can take this course on your own time.

This course does not include a Simple Practice subscription. However, you can click here for a special discount. 

We include a free bonus module filmed by Simple Practice that introduces their software and explains what features they offer for billing, documentation, and scheduling. This video is an overview of how to use their services in private practice but doesn’t teach you how to use the actual software. However, we provide you with a link to their free tutorials where you can learn to use Simple Practice if you decide to use them.

This course focuses exclusively on the business aspects of opening your private practice and does not include any marketing modules. The Private Practice Roadmap is meticulously designed to help you establish the solid business foundation for your practice. If you’re specifically seeking guidance on how to attract and fill your new private practice with clients, I invite you to explore my dedicated course, ‘Marketing for Therapists.’ It’s tailored to address your marketing needs. Discover more about it through the following link.

Although some private practice consultants will offer advice on this topic, this course recommends speaking with a small business attorney as well as your personal accountant. I’ll provide you with specially designed and detailed questions to ask them on this topic. This decision is based on the laws of the state and country you practice in and your very specific financial situation. Different business structures provide different liability considerations, tax considerations, and legal considerations. Any private practice coach who provides direct advice on this topic runs the risk of providing information that is outside of their scope, so I’d recommend speaking to a CPA or small business attorney.

YES! If you are planning to have a private practice anytime in the future, this course will benefit you.

This course is specifically designed for therapists. However, about 80% of it would apply to any healthcare or wellness professional who is looking to build a private practice. If you take the first 3 modules and still don’t feel that this course is right for you I will offer you a full refund (refund requests MUST be submitted within 2 days of purchase, so please review the course as soon as you buy it to make sure it is the right option for you!).

Yes! Although I offer a lot of free advice and content on Instagram, this course is much more detailed, structured, and geared toward a therapist looking to get serious about opening a private practice soon. My Instagram content is designed to be supplemental to the content covered in this course.

The Roadmap Course comes with a PDF course workbook. Additionally, you’ll receive a copy of the PDF Niche Workbook in the niche module.

No, the Roadmap Course does not include my scripts e-book, Say It Like a Pro, but it does include special coupon codes for all my other products in the course workbook.

No, the Roadmap Course does not include paperwork, but includes a 50% OFF coupon code for the paperwork packet. This code is located in your course workbook.

This course includes a bonus module taught by Simple Practice. Simple Practice is an electronic health record and contains a template library with dozens of pre-made templates that were created to streamline your documentation process. The templates are organized into three categories: Progress Notes, Intake Forms, and Assessments. Additionally, you can find free copies of these forms on the websites of most state licensing boards and/or professional organizations. 

No, this course teaches you how to build a cash-pay private practice.