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The Private Practice Roadmap

Private Practice Roadmap

This 11-module, video-based course provides therapists with a simple, step-by-step plan for launching a new private practice from the ground up. Let’s launch your dream practice!


Marketing For Therapists

Marketing for Therapists

Confidently promote and fill your solo, cash-pay therapy practice. From social media and websites, to therapy profiles and developing referral relationships.


Essential Paperwork Packet 

The 12 documents therapists need to start a private practice. These fully customizable Word documents can be uploaded to any EHR and changed for your growing business. 


Say it Like a Pro

Say it Like a Pro features 27 essential scripts for private practice success. Take the guesswork out of tricky conversations so you can focus on your clinical work.  


Step by Step guide to Transitioning away from insurance to cash pay private practice

Insurance to Cash Pay  

This 22-page PDF guide details the 9 steps that private practice therapists should take to make the switch from an insurance-based practice to a private pay practice.


The Niche Workbook

Find and define your private practice niche. The questions, templates, and worksheets prompt and guide therapists through defining their unique specialty. 


Navigating the GFE 

This step-by-step guide helps determine which clients should receive a GFE, how to display your No Surprise Act notice, and the best practice for GFE compliance.


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