The tools you need to build a private practice.

I help therapists achieve freedom through cash pay private practice.

Kelley Stevens, LMFT – The Private Practice Pro

I am an LMFT

I founded a six-figure private practice and moved that practice to three cities.

I am a Marketing Professional

I spent five years as the marketing director of a large group practice. I know what it takes to fill and scale a group practice.

I am an Educator

I’ve taught graduate-level courses in two therapy master’s programs for the last six years.

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Launch Your Practice

Three simple stages include everything you need to know to start your own cash-pay private practice from the ground up.

Step 1

Invest in yourself, enroll in my online course. Begin your journey to cash-pay private practice with confidence.

Step 2

Watch every module, utilizing the prepared materials to plan and execute for your specific values and circumstances.

Step 3

Celebrate your successful
cash-pay private practice in our private Facebook community of mental health professionals.

What Clients Are Saying

JuliAnn Crommelin

JuliAnn Crommelin

Kelley’s course was a game-changer for me! I always knew I wanted to open my practice but felt confused about how to make it happen. Kelley’s Roadmap course walked me through each step and took the fear out! Everything became…

George Goldston

George Goldston

I took Kelly’s course and purchased the scripts book she put out.  I found both to be super helpful.  The course gave me the encouragement and confidence to reach out to other providers in my community, which have yielded many…

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