Finding Congruence: Integrating the Therapist and the Human

Being a human AND a therapist is challenging! Despite having our own issues to deal with, our purpose is still to help others. That’s where congruence is key. Whether you’re an associate therapist or decades into your career, it’s important to find congruence between your therapist self and your human self. But what does that mean? In this episode, we welcome Lacy Tannous, a psychotherapist and artist who specializes in working with teens, adults, and couples seeking greater emotional health and congruent connection. Lacy joins Kelley to talk about how to build more congruence in your therapy practice, especially if you’re an associate therapist in a private practice.

Lacy Tannous is a psychotherapist and artist located in Sierra Madre, California. She specializes in working with teens, adults, and couples seeking emotional health and congruent connection to themselves, the people they love, and the world around them. She’s passionate about exploring the connection between trauma recovery and creativity and enjoys singing, songwriting, and recording in tandem with clinical work. Learn more about her practice at or on Instagram @lacytannous.

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