Expert Tips for Therapists: Writing, Mental Health, and Career Development with Lindsay Gibson PsyD

Recently I had the pleasure of discussing the intricacies of emotional immaturity with Lindsay Gibson PsyD, a clinical Psychologist and author dedicated to helping adult children of emotionally immature parents. Lindsay’s latest book, “Disentangling from Emotionally Immature People,” expands on this topic, offering insights into various emotionally immature relationships. She’s also creating resources for therapists, including a growth journal and a therapy book, to facilitate healing and self-discovery.

Lindsay shared her experience balancing writing with her therapy practice, detailing her journey from aspiring novelist to psychologist. We also discussed the increased focus on mental health and the resulting demand for resources to support well-being.

For those looking to enter the fields of therapy or writing, Lindsay advised embracing psychoeducation and trusting the creative process, starting with a “crappy first draft.” She stressed the importance of aligning your practice with your interests and energy levels.

As we wrapped up, Lindsay highlighted her upcoming therapy mentorship program and the value of collaborative work environments. I also shared tips on managing fee adjustments in private practice, emphasizing clear communication and setting expectations.

This episode is packed with advice for therapists and individuals on career development and private practice management. Lindsay’s insights, combined with my reflections, offer strategies for your professional journey in mental health. Remember the impact your work can have and continue to push boundaries in your field.

After obtaining two graduate degrees in clinical psychology – a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University, and a Doctorate of Psychology from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology – I became licensed as a clinical psychologist in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For many years I was also an Assistant Adjunct Professor for the College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University, teaching classes of doctoral students in the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. I have specialized in adult psychotherapy and personal growth counseling, as well as doing years of intensive personality and intellectual testing. In-depth psychodynamic training helped me understand people’s problems from a developmental perspective, leading to my livelong fascination with the striking differences between adults in their levels of psychological maturity.

Website: www.lindsaygibsonpsyd.com

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