From Trauma to Triumph: Finding Hope, Strength, and Success After a Near-Death Experience

Embark on an empowering journey with host Kelley Stevens and guest Kayleigh Summers, a resilient clinical social worker and private practice owner specializing in perinatal trauma. Kayleigh’s inspiring story of overcoming life-threatening complications during childbirth is just the beginning. Learn how she used her experience to help other women deal with birth trauma, gain over 150K loyal followers on social media, and open her own successful private practice.

In this episode of The Private Practice Pro Podcast, we dive into the inspiring story of Kayleigh Summers, a resilient clinical social worker and private practice owner specializing in perinatal trauma. At the core of Kayleigh’s story lies her personal journey into the field. She takes you through her education and career trajectory, shedding light on her path from graduate school and obtaining her clinical license.

However, it’s her own birth trauma story that truly captivates. Kayleigh holds nothing back as she recalls facing life-threatening complications during childbirth – an experience that guided her toward her specialty today.

Throughout the episode, you’ll learn about her transition back to work after birth trauma, her organic growth on Instagram (amassing 150K followers in just two years), and her insights into turning her personal story into a powerful tool for healing and education. Kayleigh shares her experiences monetizing her content, opening her private practice, and amassing over 150K social media followers in less than two years.

Kayleigh’s story will motivate you to take gradual steps toward your goals and, more importantly, to trust yourself and recognize your own value. Whether you’re a budding therapist or simply someone seeking inspiration, this episode promises to empower and uplift.

Kayleigh Summers is a licensed clinical social worker and private practice owner in Downingtown, PA. She specializes in perinatal trauma and has specific training in both perinatal mental health and EMDR. Kayleigh uses her training as a licensed therapist and her lived experience as an Amniotic Fluid Embolism survivor to treat and support families experiencing perinatal trauma. Kayleigh has also created thriving birth trauma support communities through Instagram and Tik Tok, as well as her podcast, where she provides connection, story sharing, and resources to support those experiencing birth and other trauma.
Instagram: @thebirthtrauma_mama
Email: [email protected]

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