How to Conquer Marketing Fears

One of the most common reasons why therapists have difficulty building their private practice is fear. Many of us spend hours each week helping our clients conquer their fears, but when it comes to getting out of our comfort zones and sharing our professional selves with the community, we falter. Here are three things to consider when trying to conquer your fears around promoting your practice:

1. It isn’t about selling yourself. It is about building authentic connections. 

Many therapists don’t enjoy marketing because it feels like “schmoozing” or “selling.” I firmly believe that the best marketing does not happen this way. Building solid relationships involves creating authentic connections with individuals in the mental health community who have a passion for working with the same types of clients as you. Most therapists arrive in this field because they want to help others, and the willingness to be vulnerable lives at the core of this objective. Expanding your vulnerability beyond the client/care provider relationship might feel like a risk, but the reward of finding like-minded, genuine professionals to connect with is powerful. Next time you find yourself in fear of going to a networking event, remind yourself that your only job is to find people who have the same passions as you and to learn more about them and their work.

2. You have an incredible amount to share.

In case you have forgotten, you have an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with the world. If you are a licensed therapist you have likely been in school for many years, earned an advanced degree, and completed 3,000 licensing hours. In addition, you have been with people during some of the most difficult times in their lives. After all of that, marketing is a piece of cake. Don’t forget how far you have come and how much you have to share with the community.

3. Promoting your practice helps clients get the help they need.

There are so many clients who need help, and there are many clients who either don’t have access to therapy or who are struggling to find the right therapist for them. Spend time reflecting on this fact. Many amazing therapists are afraid to market themselves because of the misconception that marketing strategies exist only to yield more profits.  There are clients out there who need and want your help and promoting your practice provides them with the resources they need to locate you.

4. No one is going to do it for you. 

The cold hard fact is that no one else is going to build your private practice for you. Although it can be fear-producing at times you have an incredible amount of learned and lived experience to share with the world. Challenge yourself to find just one hour each week where you spend time learning about another person’s business and sharing your passions with them. I have a feeling you will be surprised by the magic that happens when you begin forming a web of connection.

If the statistics around annual income for mental healthcare providers is deterring you, I would encourage you to read my blog about how much private practice therapists can earn. Freeing yourself from the scarcity mindset will allow you to navigate the business side of this field with ease and faith.

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This article was written by Kelley Stevens, LMFT. Kelley is a private practice business coach for therapists. Kelley specializes in helping therapists launch a cash-pay private practice from the ground up.

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