Self-Care for Therapists: Balancing Mental Health and Personal Life with Private Practice

You dedicate your entire career to helping others, but don’t forget about yourself! In this latest episode of The Private Practice Pro Podcast, I connect with Bilingual Licensed Clinical Therapist, Jacqueline Garcia, to provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips regarding your own wellbeing as a therapist.

In this episode of the Private Practice Pro podcast, host Kelly Stephens discusses the intricacies of private practice with Dr. Taylor Day, a child psychologist specializing in care for neurodivergent children. Dr. Day shares her concierge practice model, offering exceptional support to families, and stresses the importance of setting boundaries to maintain therapists’ well-being.

Dr. Day’s transition from academia to entrepreneurship involved overcoming financial challenges and adapting her services to meet client needs. She emphasizes the importance of customizing one’s practice and the benefits of stepping away from traditional norms to find success.

Identifying a niche is crucial, as Dr. Day’s focus on neurodivergent affirming care demonstrates. She advises new practitioners to listen to their clients and find excitement in their work, which can guide them toward a fulfilling niche without spreading their marketing efforts too thin.

Marketing a private practice requires patience and attention to client feedback, which can help in establishing a niche. Specializing allows practitioners to attract clients seeking their specific expertise and meet a community need.

Dr. Day’s journey offers valuable lessons in client care, niche marketing, and professional growth for therapists at any career stage. Her innovative approach and dedication to tailored care exemplify the potential for revolutionizing mental health services. Listeners are encouraged to apply Dr. Day’s insights to their practices and continue exploring the path to a successful mental health career.

Dr. Taylor Day is a licensed psychologist specializing in neurodivergent affirming care for autistic children and their families, including very early diagnosis and early intervention. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is the CEO and founder of Dr. Tay Concierge Clinical Care. Her practice integrates The Whole Family Approach, a process she created utilizing evidence-informed principles after seeing a gap in autism care. Dr. Tay’s passion for child psychology and her focus on autism is in many ways tied to her own personal experience growing up with a brother who was diagnosed at 23 months of age. Over the course of her career, Dr. Tay has worked with 100s of autistic children, providing diagnosis and support services. She is passionate about coordination and advocacy with schools, therapists, and other medical providers to help them learn about neurodiversity.

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