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The Critical Role of Strategic Marketing and Referrals in Teen Therapy Success

The Critical Role of Strategic Marketing and Referrals in Teen Therapy Success

Hello fellow therapists and private practice enthusiasts! I’m Kelley Stevens, and today we’re exploring the niche of teen therapy and the dynamics of group practices with Sara Schreiber, an experienced therapist and group practice owner. Sara’s journey into teen therapy began during her social work training and was cemented by her first job post-graduation. As her life evolved, she found ways to balance her professional calling with personal responsibilities.

Sara’s practice in Teaneck, New Jersey, stands out for its group therapy sessions, which allow her to reach more clients effectively. She’s also preparing a course on group therapy for private practice, aiming to help other therapists expand their services. Marketing strategies for her practice include writing for local newspapers like the Jewish Link, which has helped establish her reputation and secure a steady stream of referrals.

Networking with other professionals has been key to creating a robust referral ecosystem, ensuring clients receive comprehensive care. The pandemic posed challenges but also opened doors to virtual sessions, accommodating teens’ schedules and extending the practice’s reach across state lines. Sara’s practice continues to innovate with virtual groups, capping attendance to maintain quality and effectiveness.

At the core of our conversation is the dedication to client well-being. Whether through individual sessions or group therapy, the objective is to improve outcomes and support growth. This glimpse into Sara’s practice is meant to inspire and energize your own journey in private practice. Keep making a difference—one client, one session, one group at a time.

Sara Schreiber is a licensed clinical social worker specialized in working with teens and young adults through both individual and group therapy. Sara started her solo private practice in 2021 in order to have more financial freedom and serve her clients in a way that felt more authentic to herself and her values. Sara became a group private practice one year later as another values-driven decision, when her family’s needs began to change and she needed to have fewer clinical hours, but didn’t want to sacrifice her income from her solo practice. Sara is passionate about helping other therapists meet their goals in private practice, whether those goals are growing their solo practice, building a group practice, adding on groups and workshops to their practice, or building more financial security within their businesses. When not seeing clients or working on her practice, you can find Sara hanging out with her husband and three children in their home in New Jersey.

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