Building a Practice That Supports You in the Long Term with Dr. Charlene Underhill Miller

Check out the episode here and give yourself access to the unbridled wisdom of a professional who never lost sight of her passion for this field!

The Private Practice Pro Podcast’s latest episode, Building a Practice That Supports You in the Long Term, is an absolute treasure trove of insight and expertise for therapists at any point in their career journeys. I get to check in with licensed marriage and family therapist, professor, clinical supervisor, and public speaker Dr. Charlene Underhill on the vast knowledge she has acquired and the evolution she has undergone as a practitioner just shy of 40 years licensed. She speaks on the unique privilege therapists have of being connectors – people who have the capability to introduce others and build relationships within their community – and the gratification this superpower provides in both career and life. 

This episode includes conversations of:

  • The benefits of a growing teletherapy world
  • The power of networking (and not just for referrals!)
  • How to begin building community relationships from square one
  • Education levels and degrees, how they play out long-term in career

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