Goodbye to Burnout: A Conversation with Megan Kelly on Cultivating Sustainability

In my most recent episode of The Private Practice Pro Podcast, I sit down with licensed mental health counselor, therapist coach, The Mental Status Podcast host, and founder of The Anti-Work Therapist Megan Kelly to discuss what it means to find your voice within your practice – and why exactly it’s important to do so. As someone who has dedicated tireless effort, time, and resources to create a variety of therapist-geared platforms (as well as someone who has navigated numerous positions in her early career that were notably unsustainable), her advice on matters such as expectations, needs, boundaries, and self-care as a provider of mental healthcare is relatable, reasonable, and above all else: empowering. 

Burnout doesn’t have to be some impending cloud on the horizon or an inevitable part of a career in mental health. I, for one, like the sound of a career that excludes burnout entirely. Watch and listen to see how Megan is working to reframe this narrative – and how we can too.

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